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Human suffering appears in different forms, disability being one of them, which always remains a big challenge for the welfare agenda of a society. According to World Bank, India has some 40 to 80 million disabled persons and at least one in twelve household has a member with disability. According to a study sponsored by the British High Commission, the disabled persons in the country comprise 5-6% of the total population. Anyway, this gigantic population of the physically challenged makes the work of social workers and philanthropic circles quite arduous. In such a situation, the generous support received by Council of Rehmani Education & Social Work (CRES-INDIA) from the USA-based EquallyAble Foundation (previously known as Help Handicap Foundation) for the hapless people of district Rampur, Uttar Pradesh, would be regarded a highly benign gesture by one and all. Here is a brief report of the program “Free-Distribution of Assistance Devices to the Persons with Disabilities” which benefited exactly 100 physically challenged persons of the area. The CRES-INDIA is thankful to All India Graduates Association (AIGA), New Delhi, apart from the sponsors, for its mediation and ensuring the concerning grant to the executors.

The grantee NGO applied to the precursor of EquallyAble Foundation in April 2010 for the distribution of assistance devices to the selected disabled persons of district Rampur. The grantors released an amount equivalent to US$ 10,000, i.e. Rs 443109, on 12 October 2011 for this purpose. The grant was earmarked for the publicity, purchase of devices, their distribution and involved overheads.

The process of registration of prospective beneficiaries was undertaken after receiving the amount by mobilizing applications from desired persons through pamphlets, posters and mouth publicity through ward members, volunteers and local NGOs in which particulars of the aspirants were collected in a prescribed form along with disability certificate issued by the Chief Medical Officer of the district (CMO), photograph and residence proof of the applicant. Consequently, 180 applications were received at the office of the CRES-INDIA. After short-listing the candidates in the light of available funds and on first-come-first-serve basis, the final list of 100 persons was prepared in consultation with the AIGA. The prospective beneficiaries were chosen while giving due representation to different localities of the district. The selection process was undertaken by the Project Committee.

The Committee in its meeting on 25th December cleared the final list of candidates to be recommended for benefits under the proposed scheme, which was subsequently endorsed by the involved NGOs. The Project Committee also sought information from the manufacturers/trading outfits for a concessional supply of the desired devices and agreed on the concerned procurement and the rates thereof in the said meeting.

When the Indian counterpart received the grant in its account from the USA-based EquallyAble Foundation in October 2010, the Project Committee started the process of purchasing the required number of devices within the limits of the received amount. The Convener of the Committee contacted the suppliers for ensuring early availability of the ordered devices. The desired procurement of devices got completed by 10 January 2010. The list of purchased items is as follows.

Try Cycles : 73 Hearing Add : 20 Crutches : 3 Wheel Chairs : 3 Ontological Operation : 1

After seeking permission from the sponsors, an eleven-year girl suffering from ear discharge for about three years, was aided for an otological operation.

Free-Distribution of Assistance Devices to People with Disabilities” was undertaken in a public program held on 18 January 2011 at Iqra Senior Secondary School, Tanda, District Rampur, where the executing organization has its registered office and chain of schools. The event was presided over by a local industrialist Mr Abdullah, whereas the chief guest of the distribution ceremony was Mr Sayed Kazim Ali Khan alias Navaid Miyan, the Member of State Legislative Assembly from the Swar-Tanda constituency of the district. Professor Dr Majid Jamil from the Faculty of Engineering, Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi, Dr Ajmal Akhlaq Siddiqui and Mr Javed Khan respectively the national and Delhi chapter presidents of All India Graduates Association (AIGA), New Delhi, Maulana Riyasat Ali the President of Tanzim Ulama Tanda and Dr Jamil Ahmad the District President of Jamat-e-Islami Hind (Rampur) were the guests of honor. Several ward members of the local municipal board, members of local administration and police department and prominent personalities of Tanda town were sitting in the audience comprising around 1250 persons in all.

Mr Mohammad Nasiruddin Executive Secretary CRES-INDIA and the Convener of the Project Committee welcomed the guests, the participants and the recipients and shed light on the purpose of the scheme and thanked EquallyAble Foundation and All India Graduates Association for their generous help to the disabled members of the local society. The chief guest appreciated the organizations which made it possible for the local persons living with disability to receive the assistance devices as a great help to their life which would become more meaningful as a consequence of the material support from the philanthropic community of the USA. The speakers also expressed their views and the presiding guest made his concluding remarks. Just before his remarks, assistance devices were handed over to the recipients one by one by the chief guest and guests of honor. In all 99 persons received different kinds of devices according to their concerning disability in this order: 73 try-cycles, 3 crutches and 3 wheel chairs to person with lower limb disability and 20 hearing add machines (single & double cord) to persons with hearing impairment.

A number such applicants also attended the program who applied for the assistance devices but could not be helped due to limitation of the grant, who were assured to be covered in future if the executing organization receives any such grant.


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