General Body

General body shall consist of all categories of members who are eligible to attend all general body meetings. All members except the honorary members shall have the right to vote and elect the management committee of the society.

Powers and Function of General Body :

It shall meet once in every year to review the working of society, to resolve and pass the annual reports and accounts, to amend the rules and regulations if necessary to lay down policy decision and to elect the member of management and office bearers once in five years. Other powers and function, which are not given to the executive committee, shall rest in the general body.

Notice, Quorum, Vote Meeting :

The notice of the general body meeting shall be given to members at least seven days in advance except in urgent and emergent cases. To hold all the meetings 2/3 presence of the members of the society. The members who are unable to attend the general body meeting at the time of election to cast their vote in person, may send votes under sealed envelop by post/ hand to the returning officer of the election so as reach him on or before the date of election.


CRES-INDIA devoted to :

  • Upliftment of Minorities & Weaker Sections
  • Educational development of backward communities
  • Special attention to character building
  • Overall development of students and youths
  • Communal harmony and peace

Our Mission :

  • To assist target people in acquiring quality education, better skills and professional abilities, social reformation, economic strength, and in leading a meaningful life.

Our Vision :

  • Empowerment of common man in any democratic society is achievable through grassroots activities leading to generation of confidence, enhancement of skill and capacity, networking among different social nodes, and alleviation of impeding conditions.


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District Rampur, Uttar Pradesh, India



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