Noble YUVA Foundation

Noble YUVA Foundation (NYF) developed by the pure and sound spirit of reinforcing social and financial status of the weaker section. NYF Moradabad and Council of Rehmani Education & Social Work (CRES-INDIA) Tanda Rampur U.P, India jointly started some projects considering the need of young society whether male or female.

Prime focus is given to Project Marriage (Nikah) and Project Talent Promotion. NYF is strong minded to eradicate evils of Fahash and Zina by making the marriages (Nikah) easier and creating employment.

Secondly, the foundation is empowering educated young men by promoting their talents. NYF is helping youth to avail short term professional courses. Project Talent Promotion is a big move for this cause. Thus, they will improve their economic condition quickly. They are also suggested for setting their goals in government sector also.

NYF is also planning for establishing Halal Micro Finance System in term of self-help groups. It will create employment on the daily basis.

All above these efforts NYF is highlighting the importance of moral values among the young generation. Noble Weekend Classes is the step taken in this direction. NYF is imparting basic knowledge of Deen and Akhlaq. The children of 7 to 12 years are focused to enrol in these Moral Classes.

We need your valuable suggestions and generous support to make this dream true.

CRES-INDIA devoted to :

  • Upliftment of Minorities & Weaker Sections
  • Educational development of backward communities
  • Special attention to character building
  • Overall development of students and youths
  • Communal harmony and peace

Our Mission :

  • To assist target people in acquiring quality education, better skills and professional abilities, social reformation, economic strength, and in leading a meaningful life.

Our Vision :

  • Empowerment of common man in any democratic society is achievable through grassroots activities leading to generation of confidence, enhancement of skill and capacity, networking among different social nodes, and alleviation of impeding conditions.


Contact us :

Maulana Azad Nagar, Tanda-244925

District Rampur, Uttar Pradesh, India



Contact Nos.: +91 90272 30725 +91 88815 88886
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